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Classic Chinese Dumplings

In this class Kian Lam Kho, author of Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees, will show you how to make a variety of basic dumpling doughs from scratch, as well as flavor combinations for classic Asian dumplings. You’ll learn techniques for shaping perfect little treats, and the different cooking methods for getting the best flavor from your dumplings as you make chicken and sticky rice shumai; … Continue reading Classic Chinese Dumplings »

Essential Techniques of Authentic Chinese Dumplings

If you enjoy eating dumplings at dim sum for lunch or pot stickers for appetizer, Join Kian to learn how to make them at home. In this class, you’ll learn to make four different kinds of dumplings from various regions of China and the techniques for using different types of wrappers to make all sorts of dumplings. Try his Pork Shumai, Cantonese Wontons, Pork and … Continue reading Essential Techniques of Authentic Chinese Dumplings »